We have a seasoned and experienced multidisciplinary team that work in synergy to deliver the best results to our clients


We have experience working with finance companies.

We understand the bottlenecks in processes that cause the financial gap.

And we align the best way to reach the solution together.

We understand that not always the business owner has an obligation or willingness to monitor the financial process of company. We have created a way to drive the shared management of the company's finances, with the knowledge of the owner of the business, and with inputs from industry best practices, always focused assess the best results for the company.

Our work enables the projection of business results, given the plans and actions that were combined with the parties

Interim Management

In times of turbulence or activities that deserve specific experiences, our managers and executives act decisively in the management of the company or a specific area to correct paths or improved efficiency and results


Headway is a concept created by Insieme to help companies and investors. Headway means go foward.

In the army, we can use this concept to represent the movement of a company, troop or an entire army.

After an experience of over 30 years in the structuring and business restructuring, Insiemi extended the concept of development of a business as a whole, for a fraction of the business. Thus, the concept of Headway is intended to offer solutions to a specific area, or to a specific market where the company operates.

In times of turbulence or financial crisis, some areas or activities of a company also suffer restrictions. Thus, not only in business expansion, as in little growth times it is important to move on - Headway.

Strategy / Management

The definition of strategies requires experience and a critical look at situations and markets. Often external professional institution, with less involvement on issues of the day-to-day can bring a different vision of the strategy used by the company assisting in the correction direction.

Developing new projects

Our experiences in developing new projects in the areas of energy, environment, education, communication, manufacturing and Fabricators allow us to help our clients to materialize their ideas and expectations.

Starting from an efficient and independent evaluation, we plan all processes and do all the follow-up processes, reducing risks and increasing the chances of success.


Business management is a solitary and rather arduous task. Constant decision-making can often lead to the same paths or increased business risk. We share our experiences with top management to jointly build proposals that can reduce risk, increase results and meet the company's long-term goals.

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